Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A word that I don't LOVE but am learning to live with it. The last 6 months or so my mind has been weighed with needing to make a change in my job, this thought was pushed away many times, because I LOVE my job but I HATE leaving Curt and my home and family.

Life went on and the thoughts were looming. My unit closed for the second time in 3 months and mad one night and decided to google for RN positions in St. George, no luck. I had never looked at Mesquite before but it was worth a try. I found an ICU RN position and for DAY SHIFT!!! I got really excited and applied.

3 weeks went by and no phone call. I had rationalized why I didn't want the job anyway and also I don't have that much experience (almost 2 years :) and then I received a phone call and they asked me to come in for a peer interview(another story but OMG so scary). Two weeks later I had the interview and it went well, in my mind still telling myself that it was ok to not get the job and don't get too excited. For so long I wanted to be home and it was so close I could touch it but yet it seemed so far away.

I received a phone call at the beginning of January OFFERING me the job. I COULDN'T believe it. I was scared, excited, nervous and sad. I was scared to have to tell my current job. Sad because I did not want to leave my "family" that basically had raised me, helped and taught me everything I know and I just got comfortable in this job, now I will have to learn a new one. UGH. New doctors, new collegues, new policies, new IV pumps, new patient types, etc. BUt the greatest feeling of all EXCITED because I get to be home with my hubby EVERY day!!!! That far out weighs all the other feelings.

All in all I start my new job on Monday. I will be working Per Diem in Las Vegas 3 days a month to keep up my skills. Lets face it Mesquite will not have the same acutity of patients :) But I will be working day shift and again will be HOME everyday!!!!

So here is to CHANGE!! I am jumping in both feet first.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


What has happened since MARCH 2010:

  • A new NEPHEW: Rex joined us April 28, 2010. Tawnya has 3 boys :) Love them
  • Cancun in MAY. We took our two nephews and met up with my parents and brother. Awesome as always! Beach, Beach and more BEACH :)
  • Went to PHOENIX in JUNE. A much needed celebration 1 yr out of nursing school with JULIE. Loved Phoenix, loved food, love the Marriot, loved girl talk and nurse talk.
  • Curt went on the bro's hike in JULY in IDAHO. Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado have been crossed off their list. (They hike the highest peak in each state all of his brothers )
  • AUGUST brought my birthday.....a new car:) Our back packing trip to my dads favorite place on earth, RED CASTLE. Total back packing trip 27 miles hauling a pack of 38 lbs. It was awesome. Curts birthday!
  • I have been dying to do a race.....a triathalon. It was on my "bucket" list. So me and my sis-in-law agreed to train and work our butts off to acheive our goal. We set a goal.....under two hours. We also talked Curt into doing it with us. Curt finished in 1:35 and we finished in 1:48 under our goal. We were so nervous about our swim and we both superseeded our goal for our swim :) We are definitely doing more. SEPTEMBER the KOKOPELLI TRIATHALON. YAHOO. We had the best cheering section, thanks family and friends.
  • Another item on Curt and I's "bucket" list.....ITALY. OCTOBER will be our ultimate trip to ITALY. Visiting family, site seeing and an Eastern Mediterranian Cruise. Pictures will come, I promise.

Heather, Me, My Uncle Dan, My cousin Kandyce, Curt
We all did the triathalon.

Update on work: I am LOVING my job. It is rewarding, hard, happy, sad, heartbreaking and fun all in the same sentence. I am still in the ICU. The people I work with are AWESOME ( Vegas style :) It has become a "job" and is feeling really good when I am there but I am able to leave it there when I leave.

Life is good here. One day at a time and enjoying every second of it with Curt.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been slacking on my blog lately and I just really haven't been in the mood. I don't have any pictures to post because my husband has the camera in St. George and so the last two family events I have had to rely on my sibs to take pics and not a lot going on.

Curt has finished building in Saratoga Springs and is now living in St.George for a while any way ha ha :) So a lot closer for our visits. YAHOO. Our renters are moving out of our house in St.George so we will be moving back into the big part of the house and renting out the casita, way excited about the pool!!!

I am still in Vegas for my 3 days. Now that Curt is in St.George I am sure I will be making the trek more often, cheaper in my car and no work and nice yard waiting for me and hubby and two mutts :)

The job is going great!! I am really enjoying it. I am glad I started in critical care because I love the adrenaline and I don't picture myself anywhere else other than where all the crap hits the fan....literally sometimes. I enjoy sharing all my crazy medical stories with my parents and anyone else that will listen and not start gagging during the story. I am finding joy in my patients and the people I work with and my new roomie. Julie, my friend from nursing school that lived in the casita during school moved in this month. Curt is hardly ever here and I have this house alone and she needed a place and we both already know what we are both getting in to. It is working out really well. Nursing is an interesting profession and it makes it great therapy to have some one to talk to that already knows first hand what you are dealing with. It is really nice!!

We have traveled to Moab then to Oakland then back to vegas this last week. My great aunt passed away and she lives in Napa. We all gathered in Moab for a great family reunion of jeeping and lots of fun and laughter and then me and my parents set out on a road adventure to Napa for the funeral. Got to see some of my awesome cousins and enjoy some great company.

Signing off....I think that is about it.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Overload and yes I am back!

My blog world!! I have missed all of you. I took a leave of absence trying to adjust to the new job in SICU!! Adjusting and doing fine...still nauseous on my way to work but learning to live with it. Lots of new experiences, actually every day I go to work there is something new....Curt is working lots of different places and we try to meet in the middle for a few days, usually in St. George. Otherwise. Life is good. Finally caught up on the blog....sorry post overload ;) Hope the holidays treated you all well. Happy New Year!!

Christmas a little early...Dec 23rd!!

Yes Christmas was celebrated on the 23rd for me! My family is amazing and did that for me since I had to work Christmas eve and Christmas day. I love them and miss them! The best family ever!! (sorry picture overload)

Here is the group. We all have our gifts from our new and dear friend Vitali (? spelling) Mitch's friend from the Ukraine is here spending the holidays with us.

Curt and I gave the boys Christmas jammies :) The didn't take them off even the next day!

This is Vitali!

My sister's sis-in-law makes these gloves (dishwashing gloves) and she gave them to the girls in the family. Washing dishes in STYLE!! thanks T.

Every year we exchange names and buy ornaments for each other instead of presents and then we all tell why we chose that ornament for the person. Some touch our hearts and others make us laugh!! It was a great year. Except I noticed I didn't get a picture of Curt's or mine....oops.

Tawnya got an angel ornamanet with a manger inside...a baby jesus for the reminder of baby #3 coming in May!! From my mom.

My mom got a travel ornament from Mitch!! Better late than never. He got it the day before and we were all teasing him but he did a great job and it perfect for mom she is our personal travel agent!!

Heather got a house from Briggs. He loves going to her house!!

Jakes ornament had us in tears!! Tawnya put it in a jello mold!! If any of you watch the office....its Jakes favorite show. It was hilarious!!

Brian got a golf ornament from heather and it said something about a hit or something to remind him of the car accident he got in this year....double meaning :)

Mitch loves to dance, lol! As he stated on fb so Brian being the funny guy he is got mitch a disco ball and included his statement on fb!! It was awesome.

Lot so wrestling and family fun was enjoyed by us all!

Mom and everyone made a wonderful dinner!!


Beckham wanted Dee Dee to feel included

Scouty sporting his pony tail!!

Dad carving the turkey
And the cook!!

All in all a great Christmas!! Thanks family for being so wonderful this year. Your support has been much needed!! Lots of changes this year for us and we are hoping for a great 2010!! Goodbye 2009 and on with great beginnings ahead of us!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all!! Smooches from Vegas!

Christmas Cancun Style

Yes, we went to Cancun from the 12th-20th!! It was the BEST vacation!! Just Curt and I!!

This is the resort, a view from the beach!! The best sand EVER!

Our beach right outside our door.

We both did a whole lot of this. I read two books and Curt read 1 1/2!!

We also did a whole lot of this :) R&R

Free Taco lunch!!

Made some new friends...I was with Curt, it would not be an outing with Curt if we didn't make new friends :) Bill and Mayme, from Reno. Curt and Bill fished a couple of mornings and came back with fish that they caught from the shore!! Now we won't ever be going back without Curt's poles. He is so excited for May!!

This a restaurant called the Aluz (pronounced Alush) It is located in a dried up Sonate or cave.
It was amazing. Food not so good but atmosphere and surroundings amazing!!

Curt goofing off at the entrance, we had to walk down many stairs to enter.

This is a head that is in the middle of the shopping street, Curt wanted a picture and he didn't even mean to be almost picking the statues nose :)

Our last meal at the Palapa!! The had great food at the resort and so we didn't venture out much. We both in need of a lot rest and relaxation. And that is what we did. We had a lot of fun. Played cards every night and ate alot of chips and salsa and virgin margaritas. It was so great and couldn't have come at a better time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The event of the year....arrived!!
Jessica and TJs Halloween party
I had received the golden ticket the last two years....not having to dress up, so this year, we went all out! The party was awesome. We all had so much fun, it was the best so far, Thanks Jes!!

I dressed up as a witch, Jessica was Belle and Sophie was Snow White

Heather and I joined in on the Mummy contest...Heather and Brooke won!! Bubba got sick spinning around me :)

3 hole punch and our very own Weber High Cheerleader :)

I had to throw this one in...It was my only documentation of Bubbas outfit (it is my next years costume...Yes, he dressed as a girl)

Our very own Airplane

The Kirkland Fam: Tawnya and Brian=Nacho and his nun girly. Briggs was a boxer and Beck was an airplane

My mom came up with this idea all on her own. They were glow in the dark stick figures!! Cute huh? I loved it.

Me as the witch and Curt as the Jail man :)

It was such a fun and loved all the food and neighborhood fun!!