Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A word that I don't LOVE but am learning to live with it. The last 6 months or so my mind has been weighed with needing to make a change in my job, this thought was pushed away many times, because I LOVE my job but I HATE leaving Curt and my home and family.

Life went on and the thoughts were looming. My unit closed for the second time in 3 months and mad one night and decided to google for RN positions in St. George, no luck. I had never looked at Mesquite before but it was worth a try. I found an ICU RN position and for DAY SHIFT!!! I got really excited and applied.

3 weeks went by and no phone call. I had rationalized why I didn't want the job anyway and also I don't have that much experience (almost 2 years :) and then I received a phone call and they asked me to come in for a peer interview(another story but OMG so scary). Two weeks later I had the interview and it went well, in my mind still telling myself that it was ok to not get the job and don't get too excited. For so long I wanted to be home and it was so close I could touch it but yet it seemed so far away.

I received a phone call at the beginning of January OFFERING me the job. I COULDN'T believe it. I was scared, excited, nervous and sad. I was scared to have to tell my current job. Sad because I did not want to leave my "family" that basically had raised me, helped and taught me everything I know and I just got comfortable in this job, now I will have to learn a new one. UGH. New doctors, new collegues, new policies, new IV pumps, new patient types, etc. BUt the greatest feeling of all EXCITED because I get to be home with my hubby EVERY day!!!! That far out weighs all the other feelings.

All in all I start my new job on Monday. I will be working Per Diem in Las Vegas 3 days a month to keep up my skills. Lets face it Mesquite will not have the same acutity of patients :) But I will be working day shift and again will be HOME everyday!!!!

So here is to CHANGE!! I am jumping in both feet first.


Amber said...

Good luck! You will do great- but I know how scary it is to start all over. It took me about 3 months to get comfortable with each new nursing position that I have done. At least you are staying in the ICU where you are comfortable- In fact, you will probably be able to teach them a lot with your experience in the big leagues :) I'm sure you will be missed in Vegas!
- p.s. It was so great to see you last week, I can't wait to come again and hang out at your pool!

Azy said...

oh Heather that is the best news ! i am so happy for you & glad you wont be making the drive down to vegas anymore and missing your curt! Congrats and good luck with your new job & i miss you and i want to see you again some day!

Jamie said...

Good Luck!! I am so happy for you. I miss you guys tons and hope we get to see you soon. Love you tons!!

Johnstun Fam said...

Holy cow so excited!!!!! I need to talk to you! It has been too long! I love ya girl and am so happy for you and so glad you will be so close to home and get to be back with Curt!! call me this weekend if you have time! love yaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

So great good for you! It sounds ment to be!

mariann and Tory said...

Thats awesome Heather! I am so excited for you! Have Curt give Tory a call when you get all settle and we can go to dinner or something!

The McClellan Clan said...

oh my gosh!! I had no idea! YEAH!!!! I'm so glad! So does this mean we can be friends again? hehe
Congrats sista